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create account- weirdness with "state" field


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I have gotten two orders this week with the wrong state input in the address. Both orders had "Alabama" listed instead of the correct states (Florida and Deleware).


Since I didn't add any contributions to add a pulldown menu for the state, I figured that there was some kind of problem with sessions or whatnot.


However, I ran a test order using one of the offending zip codes and got an error message on create_account.php (1st step of creating an account) and got an error saying:


"Please select a state from the States pull down menu."


Then there was a pulldown menu under the states field...which was not there before, and I never added one.


The customers erroneously listed "Alabama" because it was the default selection, and continued with their order.



I have no idea why this error happened, and I was only able to recreate it with one of the two zip codes (one worked fine when I tried it). I don't know where this pulldown menu came from either...though I would like it to be included on the default create account page :)


My best guess so far is that perhaps this error occured in relation to the shipping calculator (i use UPS ground only).


Does anyone have a clue what this is about?



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Yes, but where did this pull-down menu come from and why did it get an error in the first place?


The pull down menu only shows up after it gives an error. Could this be if they misspell the state while the field is a write-in field?

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I have had the same issue, here is the solution I came up with:


1) I realized that is only happens when the user has selected United States.

2) So I went into the Zones table, added a new zone country_code of 223, value nothing and name nothing.

3) that way it appears at the top of the menu, with nothing preselected for a state. So the user will have to select something from the menu. Otherwise some users will over look it and it will then keep giving them an error until they look at the pulldown.


Just a solution, I have tested it and it works, it is a user error, but only because the program lets them make that error.


Hope that helps.

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