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Changing Layout of Checkout Procedure


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Hi Guys,


I am having a bash at changing the checkout procedure, to make it a bit shorter.


I have stripped out all of the redundant info from the respective files.


The first problem arising is that after trying to add the checkout_payment.php code to the end of the checkout_shipping.php code I get this error:


Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home2/mobiacc/public_html/templates/itchi-tech/content/checkout_shipping.tpl.php on line 236


Can anyone enlighten me on what this means please?


And hopefully a solution.





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  • 3 months later...

I tried this too and am now stuck as well.......


I think that the error you mention is because the javascript file is not being called...




its in the catalog/includes/javascript directory


and i think it doesnt get called because of its naming structure as i see no "real" calls to it in lines of code in the checkout-payment or checkout-shipping files....


just a guess....but i get it to partially work by pasting the shipping file into the payment file and keeping the name "checkout_payment.php" so instead of using the shipping file just use a payment file......i get no error that way but stopped for the night now because i still worry about the first line of the shipping and payment php files and how to incorporate those two lines and the issue of two separate forms on one page questions me.....


oh well....my input 3 months too late i guess......




I DOUBLE DOG DARE ANYONE TO HELP US COMBINE THE TWO PAGES (checkout_payment.php and checkout_shipping.php) TOGETHER....



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ok and maybe its not the javascript file at all....haha.....


the payment page only loads up if i click on the continue button on the shipping page.....when i type in checkout_shipping.php in the url address window in redirects me automattically to the shipping page.....so my guess is that the button click sets the variable that line ??? need... the line i think throwing you your error is :


$selection = $payment_modules->selection();

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