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download.php instead of the file


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For starters I'll explain the site:


We have only downloadable content, that content is in PDF format, Those PDF's have been professionally designed to be compatable with all versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Ok after a person gets a freebie thing or purchases something and are sent to the download page they click on the download link. Most of the time it starts downloading download.php instead of the file name...But oddly enough the download.php is the same size as the file they are attempting to download. It also will not open and shows up as Corrupt or No File name after Adobe Acrobat Reader opens.


Is there a fix or a walk-around to this problem, because I am losing customers pretty fast because of this error. I've searched the net on the topic and it seems to be an issue with Internet Explorer 5 and 6 but it also looks as though no one is sharing a fix.


Thanks ahead of time,

Kenneth S.

Kenneth S


Customer "Are you a real programmer?"

Me "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night"

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