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Probelms with 'Lets see what..' Pic


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Hello - I have made little pictures for my Product caragories.


I go into Admin--->Catalogue


Then I click on the relevant Catagory, then i click on 'Edit' - after a few seconds i get the message 'This page contains secure and non secure items. Do you want to display the non-secure items'


I click on Yes - then in the box which says 'Category Image:' i click on the little picture icon (which i normally do to upload pictures of items) then i upload one to the server and i get the error message:




And i click Yes - then i get the main screen - then i click Ok to finish the process - but i get the error message 'IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST'


even if i try to type it in manually = prerecorded.gif - when i try it out on my website its giving the link (right-click on where its supposd to be then click properties) target as:





I go back in and enter the name of the file in manually as prerecorded.gif - then i try the same as above and the links going to:



Can anyone shed any light on this please?

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check your catalog/admin/includes/configure.php file is set up correctly.

Do you get any errors at the top of the page? ie no file uploaded?

Have you got display product image enabled in your admin, configuration, product listing?



A little knowledge is dangerous, I SHOULD KNOW.

If Life Begins At 40, What ends????

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I have checked my admin/includes/configure.php and it seems to be setup correctly.


I do not get any errors at the top of the page


and i have got product image enabled in admin, configuration, product listing= 1

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have you got your admin on SSL?

If so, what is your configure.php?

What size are your images?

Did this work before?

What have you changed?

At the moment, i have no idea what the problem can be.

The only thing i can see, is the script error is showing http for the address image, but if you are viewing secure and non secure items ( i guess in https/yoursite/admin), i can only assume the images are not being pulled from the right folder.




maybe someone a bit more knowledgeable than me will be able to add a reply.

A little knowledge is dangerous, I SHOULD KNOW.

If Life Begins At 40, What ends????

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The admin is on SSL


the size of the image is the same size as the one which is not showing (meaning i right clicked and got the size of the image before creating one to that same spec.)


I dont think this worked before - ive just realised it now - however:


I have got a strange feeling it might have something to do with the WYSIWYG editor - because it happens when i try to upload any file using that... i could be wrong!


I can see the problem - when you right click on the image which isnt showing and click on properties - its looking for the image in:




and it should be




but i have no idea how to change this! Thanks for your help by the way

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