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Shipping to Ghana


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We have received 2 orders in one day from the same person in Ghana and they paid via credit card. Do you think this would be a risky order to ship? We don't accept orders from some countries but we are not sure about this one. Also the ship to address is a PO Box.


If anyone have any opinions I would greatly appreciate it.




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we have ghana as a country to ship to, and we accept credit cards from them. you can call your bank/merchant account vendor and ask them if anything has changed tho, and see if the card is actually a valid card or not.

twice tho is kind of strange, what is the dollar value?

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Certain locations seem to engender more of these kinds of difficulties. Ghana happens to be one of them, as well as its more celebrated neighbor, Nigeria.


If you are in the United States, be very careful, also, of accepting money orders. If the money order turns out to be fake, and you present it to your bank for payment, you are the person guilty of "passing the bad paper" -- not the originator. Most banks are sympathetic, but by no means all of them are.


Interestingly enough, one of the best means of payment is the good old personal or business check. You may get socked with a charge if it bounces, but you won't be considered the guilty party.


A tactful and courteous way to get around this is to indicate that you'll gladly accept a personal or business check but regrettably won't be able to ship until the check clears. A legitimate business won't mind this. I have scared off a number of would-be fraudsters with a simple note to that effect.



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I get questions fairly often from people in African countries asking if I ship to them...mostly in regards to my eBay auctions. I usually reply with a note mentioning that any payments from their country will be subject to intense scrutiny for fraud...I have not yet had a single order actually come through from any of those countries.

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


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We have no experience with Ghana (although we've recently gotten some education from Morocco...), but I believe most merchants would consider it a 'high-risk' country. That might not be a show-stopper in itself, but given the other red flags in the order--PO Box for the shipping address, and expedited delivery (> the cost of the products ordered!)--we'd request that they use a bank transfer instead. Oh, and if they are using free email, that would be strike four.


We depend on the MaxMind contribution for raising flags on international orders.

"Buy the ticket, take the ride..." -HST

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