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using require


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For my osc cart, i'm providing some live feeed. I was having trouble with this.





$html = preg_replace("'<table[^>]*?>.*?</table>'si","",$html,'1');

$html = preg_replace ("'<html>.*?<body[^>]*?>'si",require('../design/includes/header2.html'),$html);




$html = preg_replace("'<table[^>]*?>.*?</table>'si","",$html,'1');

$header = require ('header.html');

$header .= require ('../design/includes/header2.html');

$html = preg_replace ("'<html>.*?<body[^>]*?>'si",$header,$html);


echo $html;

In the IF conditoin, the require statement causes a 1 to be printed onto the screen and then the contents of html.

However, if i copied everything and just placed it inside with "myinformatoinhere" then it prints just fine without the 1 .


How do i get rid of those 1 and 11 ?



I know that

require returns TRUE(1) on success and FALSE(0) on failure. since I am echoing the output to the browser I'm seeing 1's for each succesful require().


but How do i remove that 1 ? can you give me an example please.


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