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checkout proccess "locking up"


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I have a site that normally does 10-20 orders per day, and this has recently dropped to zero.


I recently got off the phone with someone who reported that after they registered a new account and entered delivery information (at checkout_shipping.php), that when they clicked on "continue" it took them directly back to checkout_shipping.php. The continue button would not move them to checkout_payment.php.


I had him manually input the url for checkout_payment.php, and he was able to complete his order (though he opted not to- he was mad).


The code has not been altered in any way for this page, other than some colomn and page widths. The site was working fine on monday, and dismally on tuesday- no changes were made during this time.


Does anyone have any idea as to where I would begin to solve this?

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hey Gregg


Thanks for your comments above, i belive i have a way of resolving it.


This is what i did.


If you go to modules/Order Total, i had in "Free Shipping For Orders Over... $$" i had it set to True.


I also had in modules/shipping, I had the Flat Rate also set as the only shipping module.


So I found that if i had "Free Shipping For Orders Over... $$" set to True in the modules/Order Total section and the Flat Rate in the modules/shipping section, i think this would cause a conflict. so i simply didnt really need the free shipping so i got rid of this and it all worked.


I also turned them off and tested and tryed with the by them selves and tested as well and im pretty sure that this was the cause of my problem...



Hope this helps you champ




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