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The e-commerce.

Point me in the right direction PLEASE!


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Searched high and low in the forums and contributions. Downloaded several packages and tested but found NOTHING that works. I have read hundreds of threads but only find un-answered questions to this topic.


How can I add quantity to an attribute? I know it is possible by looking at...


Custom Jersey


I emailed the company and they have no clue how this was done. Designed by someone else I Imagine. I email the webmaster at the link on the bottom of the page and haven't gotten a reply.


Anyway, What would it take to accomplish this task? I don't know and still don't understand how the whole php thing works but I am willing to learn If someone could give me some ideas of where to begin a project like this.


Anybody? Somebody? PLEASE :'(

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I have the file feature .77 mod installed. I do have the attributes for a text field. How-ever I need the field to be sent to the cart as...


1. The attribute it represent. (ie size: =small, size: = medium, etc.)

2. Quantity of size: Small, Medium, etc.


I just dont know how to pass this to the cart so it adds them all. Like at the site above.



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I am determined to figure this this out and get it to work. Can Anyone tell me the lines I need to add to the text field to make it add the number imputted to the quantity of products ordered? I was thinking I need to add something to this effect.



<input type="hidden" name="quantity" value="">


To the

$tmp_html =


Would I need anything else?

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