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Disabling Login / Customer Accounts


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Alright, the boss man has decided that the customer accounts and the who login process is annoying and a waste of time......


What he wants to do is eliminate it so that people can just come in, click on the products they want, click checkout, add their address and stuff, add teh credit card and be done with it......


Can it be done ???


Also looking for reasons why it should be done AND/OR reasons why it shouldn't be done........


In my opinion he would be cutting the nuts off the script doing this as a lot of the features rely on the customer information being there. His reasoning is that it's annoying to have to remember a password.....


To me, not that I know how to do it yet, the fix would be to make the cookie like that of eBay or the phpBB forums so that you can stay logged in unless you click logout or some other event takes place that requires you to login......


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I have to totally agree with your boss !


I think it's very off-putting to REQUIRE your cusomers to create an account. It's akin to walking into your local supermrket and being asked to sign a legal contract just to buy a tin of beans. It's just not acceptable.


As has already been pointed out, there is a contribution to fix this.


I haven't looked at the contribution, but I understand that what it does (and I'm prepared to stand corrected on this) is to make the account and then delete it afterwards.


I didn't like this idea, so thinking this was indeed the case, some time ago I made my own solution to this - you can create an account if you like but you don't need to. And if you don't the system still keeps track of the customer - the customer detailsdon't get deleted. Also, the admin section will tell you whether each order is an 'account' order or a 'non-account' order. The customer can also delete their account (which is also a glaring omission from the standard code).


Now, having got your hopes up, I've got to say that I've never made a contribution from this, which I think is a shame; the reason being that it would take me ages to pull it out of the code because I have so many other changes that affect it.


...but, it's certainly possible to do.


But if the existing contribution does the same job then there's not much point anyway.



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True, but they also allow you to stay logged in. I also thought this was an obnoxious part of osComerce at first. "Gah, another password to remember?!" But I wonder if this increases customer loyalty? Does anyone have a guess on how many people are put off by registering as opposed to those who come back to a store because their information is already stored there? I admit, I shop eBay and amazon.com before I shop other places because now it's convenient. But I did put off registering at amazon.com for a while because I didn't want yet another account floating around out there.


I'd like to be able to give customers the option to make an account or not to. I used to work for a different company with a Yahoo store (*gasp!*) and people didn't have to make accounts. Though, repeat buyers often said "Don't you already have my info on hand?" I think how much repeat business you get would be a big determining factor in whether this would be valuable or not.



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Re the comment about Amazon requiring a login - well, I don't shop at Amazon and never have, and this is one of the reasons !


I think it is intrusive. Some people agree with mow, and some don't. This is why it should be optional.


Can anyone comment on the contribution that IS available for this ? Maybe I ought to spend a couple of days pulling this stuff out of my code and posting it up. I don't want to bother if it's not needed though.



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