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category meny generated in collum_left.php


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hi, as this is my first post i first like to greet everyone


ok well thats that,


i seem to have some problems getting the menu catogories in a nice stylish layout


what i really want is to have all the objects in a nice <tr><td> with a dark collor

and all the subobject in a <tr><td> with a light collor



standard page generates


object 1

??object 1.1

??object 1.2

??object 1.3

??object 1.3


object 2

object 2.1

object 2.2

object 2.3

object 3.3


this is what i hope too accomplish



| object 1 ////| <---- in a dark collor


|object 1.1????| in a light collor


|object 1.2 |




| object 2 ////| <---- in a dark collor


|object 2.1 | in a light collor


|object 2.2 |



and so on.


i know that the catogories are generated in includes\boxes\catagorie.php and i tryed to modify it but every attempt failed so far


if anyone knows how to do this and is willing to help me out ... i would be very gracefull :)

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