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Best way to organize attributes


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Greeting all ?


I am contemplating the best way to keep attributes in the database. Currently I have just over 2000 products and about 4500 attributes. About 99% of my attributes are Titled ?Selection?, which leads to my question?


Is it best to have only one option named ?Selection? and put all of my 4500 option values in, or is it best to have multiple product options named ?Selection? to only put the necessary option values in?


The way the database seems to be designed, there does not seem to be a good correlation between the product and the product option name, so there does not seem to be a good reason to keep 520 product options named ?Selection?.



Thanks for any advise/pointers


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Let me try to point my question a little better?


I am trying to determine the best way to put my attributes in the database for the best performance, and in doing so I am trying to understand the relationship of some of the tables. Currently, I have about 500 Product Options name ?Select? and almost 4000 Option Values. So is it best to have a Product Option named ?Select? repeated in the database making 500 option_values_id, or is it better to only have one Select? Is there less query overhead? Is there better long-term reason for one or the other?





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