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Multiple item numbers for one product..


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I have a few products that I would like to sell.


The product is a Sony CDRW disc.


I would like the product page to display info about this product.. this is no problem.


The problem is I would like to sell them as a single item (item# 3490), a 5 pack (item#4012) or a 50cd spindal (item #0034) and make it almost like a drop down box (similar to attributes).


I cant use attributes because I need to have the item number selected, and dont want to add 4 attributes just for one product.


How can I acoomplish this?

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We do something very similar. We have our SKU broke down in sections that have different meaning i.e. 01234567, where 012 is the product, 3456 is a size code, and 7 is a color code. Some products have no size or color so they are 01230000. This is what we did? we keep the model 012 in the model field, and all attributes names are preceded with the full SKU i.e. ?01234567Widget in color and size?. We have made a great deal of modifications to the code to know if the model should be padded with the trailing ?0? for products w/o any attributes or whether to use the leading digits from the attribute name. Also we modified the pages to remove the leading digits from the drop down list. I hope this can be of some help.




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