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The e-commerce.

seems like nothing works the way i need it to :(


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first off id like to say thanks for opening this thread, any help anyone can suggest would be great


ive been going through a headache trying to get OSC running right for what i need.


heres what i need basicly



im selling contact lenses(this is a competitor site)


see where it has the product options for basecurve, diameter, etc

i needed something similar to that, that would allow customers to customize the lenses to their prescriptions.


well, the first thing i decided was using osc's built in product attribute options wouldnt work for this out of the box. theres way too many options to have to add them to all.


for my OSC install i went with one by algozone , "thestorezone" , its basicly osc with a few usefull contributions installed, including the one that lets you copy product attributes over to another product


"this is great!" i thought... i can just add all possible values once and dupe it to all the products. no fuss, no mess, no problem...right? lol


well, that doesnt work. way too many options in total on the edit product page, and it NEVER submits right, i click the preview button, it freezes my browser and sits for ages. when i view the source of the page it makes them huge since it adds values for weight, etc, and thats making the page timeout with 200+ entries on it i can kind of see why.


what i would LIKE to do is have the options directly coded into product_info.php which i did, but the problem is, i cant figure out how to get osc to pass the options i declare, rather then just having them link to the actual product attributes.


basicly id like to know the easiest route someone could suggest for getting something like the site page above up and running for my products.


i found the product_option_type contribution


which seems like it could be the answer i need, but its a little too complicated for me to add, since im not working on the same version of osc(thestorezone is very modified)


the site is all setup, just need to get this aspect of it fixed and its done, but im a loss for what to do


any way to modify one of the checkout pages and have that on there where i can pass variable from there all the way into the email that we get at the office?


is there any way to get this done, or did i make a mistake by choosing osc to work with?


any help would be greatly apriticated, as this is litteraly killing my nerves :\


thanks in advance all


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