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individual properties for products_attributes


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:'( Hello everyone out there ..


ok, so I started to take the os apart last week, looking good - i've written an upload in VB that automatically creates:


the categories, categories_descriptions, tax & tax clases, configuration para's, products, products_descriptions, etc.


All looking really good - fits in lovely with the rest of my system. COOL :D


Now, i've come to look at the possibilty of using the products_attributes which would allow me to allow users to select from a drop down box, eg:


product = brown shoes,


available = size 10, 12, 14


price = 10.99, 10.99, 12.99


Ok this i can do, i've taken the databases worked out the relationship and its there - sorted..


:angry: However, what i can't do is - have an individual stock level, item weight or image.


From what I can see os doesn't support this - or am i wrong ?


I would love to be wrong but dont think me is...


Is there any way of allowing this ?


The other thing I would like is the ability to condition the drop down boxes,


Product : Shoes


Click the drop down which has in it : Red, Brown, Yellow, etc


Once i've clicked Red - the next drop down fills in with 8,10,12 - when i click the Brown it shows 8,12 and when i click Yellow it shown 6,8,12.


I don't think this can be done without chaning the os structure - anyone done this ?


Hoping and waiting for replies - dave


Ps: once I've finished the VB6 app which uploads I'll post it here for everyone - this will simply take a csv file and upload..


PPs: I'll also write down and explain how the tables link together save you poor sod's trying to work it out.... :blink:

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Dave, this is exactly what I'm looking for - the Conditional Attributes system.


Anyone got any ideas on this?


My bro wrote me some Java that opened new windows for each conditionally selected option, but I would like to do it in the same window since so many people have pop-up stoppers these days.


We also ground to a halt in compling the string to add the product with its chosen options to the cart from the 5th window!


Any help much appreciated!

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