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Orders total and Display error


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Please help, I have searched the forums and found others with a similiar problem but no solution...


I have a customised version of OS Commerce with many modules etc, it has been working a dream then suddenly one day I noticed the invoice did not have a total on it anymore and an order notification I rcvd (by e-mail, using the extra order notification feature) did not have a corresponding order in the admin area.


I found that I could locate the order by typing in the order number I rcvd in the e-mail into the order search box in the admin, however the invoice displayed with no total prices.


The system showed me a number of orders that did not correspond to the actual amount.


I then set to work to try and find the problem and have not been able to locate any application issues as the purchasing process works smoothly, the basket shows a total but the order confirmation pages do not.


The only recent change to the system that had taken place was an additional order status had been added (Delivered).


I have searched through the MySql DB tables to see if I could find what was missing, the orders table is fine and contains all orders, the orders_status_history table is fine and contains all of the orders. It is when we come to the orders_total table things go wrong..It contains only 9 orders of which only 8 show in the admin area, there are in fact 25 orders in the system.


Now I am a little stuck...I have fixed things before in a rough and ready way with product attributes and entering them directly into the db when the application has gone pear-shaped over duplicates, I am a little reluctant as I do not have a safe back-up with all of my new customer accounts on it.


Thanks in advance

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