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i just got done installing ebay auction manger 2.0 (i believe that the version from the oscommerce site). since i have installed it, i like the function of the 'fixed shipping' module, this is something i have been looking for, for awhile. the only problem i have withit it is, when i checkout i get an error from the database that says:


1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near '{5}36{2}2' at line 1


SELECT pfs.* FROM products_fixed_shipping pfs WHERE pfs.products_id = 17{5}36{2}2





i understand its because i have attributes with this item, but how can this be fixed, so that i can use my attributed with this shipping module?



thank you in advance for the support.





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Hi Troy,


The problem is that fixed shipping does not take item attributes into account. Quite a few people use it in conjunction with Master Products (which simply creates a new product ID for a subordinate product). You might try that. Alternatively, modifying fixed shipping to take item attribute into account should not be difficult. I have long thought about making fixed shipping an independent contribution. It's just finding the time...

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