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DHL Shipping Key?


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Is anyone else having trouble with DHL? I am using the Airborne Express API that says it was reconfigured for the newly merged systems of Airborne Express and DHL.


I filled out the request forms, faxed them in, and then a few weeks later, they finally sent my my API System ID and PAssword, but they havent sent me a shipping key. Some of them dont even know what the shipping key is. Others have told me to leave it blank, that they dont use it anymore. However, if I leave it blank, the module gives me a returned error saying INVALID SHIPPING KEY.


DHL is really slaking off I think with their internet solutions. You can never talk to anyone, and if you finally do get someone, they dont usually know what you need. They can also take weeks to answer an IT related email.


I really liked airborne express, I used them all the time, but it seems things have changed since the merger. If I cant get this working soon, I may have to give up on DHL. It would be a shame to do so though, as they still provide great shipping rates compared to UPS or USPS, fedex is maybe equal with them, but fedex charges you monthly even if you dont ship I beleive.


Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix this, or if their is another module to use for DHL only, please let me know. Thanks.

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