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The e-commerce.

Where's my info???


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My order history page looks like this:




I'm missing all sorts of stuff in there, like for exaple the status of the order right next to the order number. The parentheses are there, but not the status. Also the payment method, billing address, etc. My order_history_info.php has not been changed. The code looks like it's not the problem (plus, someone would have detected it by now if the original code was the problem).


        <td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
           <td class="main" colspan="2"><b><?php echo sprintf(HEADING_ORDER_NUMBER, $HTTP_GET_VARS['order_id']) . ' <small>(' . $order->info['orders_status'] . ')</small>'; ?></b></td>
           <td class="smallText"><?php echo HEADING_ORDER_DATE . ' ' . tep_date_long($order->info['date_purchased']); ?></td>
           <td class="smallText" align="right"><?php echo HEADING_ORDER_TOTAL . ' ' . $order->info['total']; ?></td>


And so on. Anyone know where I should look?

Drive it like you stole it.

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I don't know much about php or mySQL but my database exists at least. I don't know if there's something wrong with it though.


  Field  Type Attributes Null Default Extra Action 
  orders_id  int(11)   No    auto_increment  Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_id  int(11)   No  0    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_name  varchar(64)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_company  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_street_address  varchar(64)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_suburb  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_city  varchar(32)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_postcode  varchar(10)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_state  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_country  varchar(32)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_telephone  varchar(32)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_email_address  varchar(96)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  customers_address_format_id  int(5)   No  0    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_name  varchar(64)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_company  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_street_address  varchar(64)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_suburb  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_city  varchar(32)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_postcode  varchar(10)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_state  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_country  varchar(32)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  delivery_address_format_id  int(5)   No  0    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_name  varchar(64)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_company  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_street_address  varchar(64)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_suburb  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_city  varchar(32)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_postcode  varchar(10)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_state  varchar(32)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_country  varchar(32)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  billing_address_format_id  int(5)   No  0    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  payment_method  varchar(32)   No      Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  cc_type  varchar(20)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  cc_owner  varchar(64)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  cc_number  varchar(64)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  cc_expires  varchar(4)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  cc_start  varchar(4)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  cc_issue  char(3)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  cc_cvv  varchar(4)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  last_modified  datetime   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  date_purchased  datetime   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  orders_status  int(5)   No  0    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  orders_date_finished  datetime   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  currency  char(3)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  
  currency_value  decimal(14,6)   Yes  NULL    Change  Drop  Primary  Index  Unique  Fulltext  

Drive it like you stole it.

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A client of mine had this problem when he changed to a new host. The solution was to turn off each (shipping and payment) module and then turn them back on again.


Then place a test order and see if it works. Obviously this will not fix the orders that are broken, but it will solve any future orders (assuming it works for you as it did for my client).

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besheer: first) make sure with phpmyadmin that the order tables are being updated correctly. second) If you just moved servers make sure that you are running decent php and mysql versions. there are strange mysql beta versions that I have seen do this. third) download your code and do a comparison to a backup copy to make sure you aren't missing anything anywhere. Do the same thing with an export of your database. Burt's suggestion does work(I have had to do it myself) but you need to exit the system then reenter it then reinstall the modules. make sure you aren't running on an iis/nt server. I have seen this on iis servers before.

(my knowledge is so small you would think that an ant was a genius in comparison)

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Strider, thanks for your input. All of this has been checked. I am even using an unmodified version of order_history_info.php.


The tables are being updated correctly, I have not moved servers and am running several other OSC shops on the same server without a problem.


The only thing I don't know how to do is compare an export of the db. Compare it with what? And how? Can you put it in Winmerge or Beyond Compare and compare it with an export of a fresh OSC db? Is that what you mean?


When you say exit then reenter the system, what exactly does that mean? I just uninstalled all the modules then reinstalled them. Thanks again!

Drive it like you stole it.

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