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The e-commerce.

Mails from my shop


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Hi All,


Mails from the shop I'm working on appear in Outlook to be from "Apache [apache@blahblah.techiestuff.info] on behalf of Nice Shop Name [info@shop.co.uk]" & the Apache bit is obviously not very nice!


Looking at the received email I seem to have the correct From header, but have Sender: Apache <apache@blahblah.techiestuff.info>


Anyone know if I have set up osCommerce wrong or is it a php/apache setting? Everything else about the emails seems fine.



E-Mail Transport Method sendmail (or smtp, tried both!)

E-Mail Linefeeds LF

Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails false


php/apache (redhat/linux):

sendmail_from no value

And I'm told "sendmail is aliased to exim (smtp program)"


As this is not the only site on the server (!) I can hardly change the sendmail_from.

Searching I've come up with 2 possibilities:

a header parameter -f but I haven't managed to figure out how the headers are set in osC and doubt I ever will!

httpd.conf : setting ServerSignature On (no idea about this)


I can't believe it's this difficult. Please can anyone help!


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In case anyone's in the same position:

We use exim "via" sendmail.

If you send a mail "From" an "untrusted" user then exim adds the Sender header.

Solution: add Apache (or whoever) as a trusted user in the exim config file.

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Plus apparently the same holds for sendmail:

add the webserver user to the sendmail config.


You shouldn't get this issue if on a shared server as it should've been set up.

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