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No show price information on specific categories


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Okay... I realize that this question has probably been asked and answered a dozen times in this forum. Please forgive me as I apparently am asking the search engine the wrong question. :blink:


I'm setting up a store for a client. They import jewelry from Russia. They have nearly 1000 items and they don't have (or want to get) descriptions or pricing for all of them. They have selected some to feature, but want all of the products listed. (I know... why? ;) )


Anyway, I need to showing pricing and descriptions for part of the product line, but not all. I've segmented the lines into 2 different categories. Is there a way to tell osCommerce (or MySQL) not to show a price if left blank or below a specific dollar amount? Or even not to show pricing on specific categories? Though I'm giving a link and directions to request pricing on specific objects I'm still concerned that someone somewhere (in our "sue happy" world) is going to accuse the client of false advertising. As you know when you see the initial image there is no description, simply the name of the item and the price. All I need is for one person to see $0.00 and sue. :ph34r:


Please advise, and thank you for your patience. :P


Tina Boyd

Silken Strand Web Design

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