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Not displaying out of stock products


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A while back I got the great idea that it would be cool to not even show products that are out of stock....but the more I think about it, it's not worth it. I know it's an easy setting but I don't know where to look to make it so that out of stock items simply read "Out of Stock" as opposed to being taken off the site entirely.


Any help?

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Been looking for a solution too. I was digging around this morning and came across some code in shopping_cart.php. There's a few lines of code around line 121 that goes like this:


$stock_check = tep_check_stock($products[$i]['id'], $products[$i]['quantity']);

if (tep_not_null($stock_check)) {

$any_out_of_stock = 1;


$products_name = $products_name.'     '.$stock_check ;



It basically calls the function tep_check_stock() to see if the item is out of stock.


I think something can be built out of this. I'm not no php guru, but if there isn't already a solution available, it looks like I may have to code. :rolleyes: Brings back the good old days yes.


"There is no try. There is only do or do not." - Yoda

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That isn't exactly what i was talking about. It was something simple. I am in no way a PHP guru and at the time I changed this setting i was even worse then I am now...is it a stock feature then to remove items that are out of stock? Now i am really confused.

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