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The e-commerce.

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have fiddled around alot before getting osc to work with some contributions...

now its ok but i cant get the bannersystem to show my banners..

now i have to hardcode the banners but in what file and what should say in the code to show the banners correctly in my e-store??

i seems ok in the admin bannersection.





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In banner manager, make sure that when you insert a new banner, it is in the 468 x 50 group (this is a group name not a dimension)



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ok found t contribution for it, beaty!

banner_to_language mod is a small textfile that describes exactly how to do this thing i was looking for.


OBS! i didnt work for me to do as the text said about

define('BANNER_GROUP_1', '468x50_english');

i had to make it "define('BANNER_GROUP_1', '468x50_eng');"

because in admin the groupnamne couldnt fit too many characters...






Grrrrrreat !







banner_to_language mod


Author: Jef Allard [email protected] http://5m.ca http://www.jfallard.com


What does it do?


When you have multiple language setup, you may want to have banners accordingly. This little trick will make it right!


Installation (very easy):


Step 1:


Find the file where your banner is placed, normally in footer: includes/footer.php


look for this line:


if ($banner = tep_banner_exists('dynamic', '468x50')) {


Replace it with


if ($banner = tep_banner_exists('dynamic', BANNER_GROUP_1)) {


Step 2:


open catalog includes/languages/english.php and add the line:


define('BANNER_GROUP_1', '468x50_english');


repeat this step for each [language].php language file (french.php, spanish.php, etc.) and modify the trailing '468x50_[language]' accordingly


Step 3:


Open your admin panel and locate your Banner Manager under Tools category. Then, modify your existing banner to have it created under the new banner group name:


New English banner group name: 468x50_english


Then create your other banners accordingly (468x50_french, 468x50_spanish, etc.). Remember to create a different banner group for each language.


Step 4:


Repeat the process for every other banner on your site. That way, you will always have the right banner language for every page on your site.


A live example of this mod can be found on http://www.tourbec.info


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