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The e-commerce.

Suggestions for OS


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The users order history should allow them to cancel orders made before they have been dispached, if they have been dispached the system dosent allow them to cancell but they can click a button that says return, which deals with the return.

The system should send the user a feedback e-mail if orders are cancealed, but not if they cancel two products, out of four they will still only get one feedback e-mail.


The users address book should have atleast one default address and one default payment details, allowing the user to change which one is the default.

When a card expires the system should e-mail the user asking them to update their details.


On the product page, it should have a little button that says ask a question.

This will then take them to the contact page but list under subject the product name that they were looking at, but also allow them to chang the subject via a pull down menu to other things that the admin sets.


When products are out of stock, the system should say on that caterlog page that the product is out of stock, but the date more will come in, if no date was enterd for more stock to come in, the page should be un-published.


The users order history should show details of the order details, the time and date that changes were made to the status, and any other details changed.

This should also allow a product to have a status changed, sothat part orders can be sent, then one product will say waiting for stock and the other will say dispached.


If a product is out of stock and the admin has chosen not to allow them to be added to the cart, the system should take the user to a page where they can sign up for updates about that product.


On the sign up page, there should be a text box that says how did you hear about us, the admin can change info in the box and can see what the user says on the user info page, and can have a stats page where they can see how people heard about the site.


HTMLArea should be used on all admin side text boxes.


The admin should be able to change a user status which only the admin can see, which would allowthe customers to have a status like, normal, trusted, loyal, friendly, rude, not trusted etc.


Allow the admin to search for all users that have purchased a set product or a combination of products, then a button to press to e-mail those customers only.


Users that sign up for an account but dont actualy make a purchase, should receive an e-mail after x amount of time asking for feedback, but the admin should be able to set what feed back is set, and for it to use the mysql database or maybe have it that if they have got items in their cart and dont go to the checkout, they will receive the feedback e-mail but informing them that if they offer their feedback, they will get x% discount (the admin can set whether its on the products in the cart only or all products, how much discount and how long its offerd which will say in the e-mail as well.)


On customer page (admin side) there should be a button that allows the admin to send an e-mail to that user, using the online system and send a bcc copy to the admin's e-mail address.


The admin should be able to ad notes to users orders/products, so if a user orders something the admin can ad serial numbers to both products, only visable to the admin, so if the user returns the item, the admin can check to make sure that its the right one.


When the user goes to the checkout, it should show the total, then below that any disctonts applied then the new total, but let the user know which product is discounted or something like that, and also include a box that allows the users to enter a promotional code.


The tell a friend e-mail module should save the recipients and sender e-mail address, and a date entered into the system, then after x amount of days the system should go thru e-mail addresses that are only x amount of days old (not new ones) and will check them against user account, if the e-mail address is used as a user account it will delete the one used in the list (not the account) and any e-mail addresses left that are not used in a user account will receive an e-mail offering them a discount if they make a purchase withing x amount of days.

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I am wondering if anyone came up with a contribution to do what kingdonk suggests below. I tried searching and didn't find anything.





Allow the admin to search for all users that have purchased a set product or a combination of products, then a button to press to e-mail those customers only.


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