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The e-commerce.

Admin area database restoration process failed!

Andrew J

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I screwed up my database with some Easypopulate trick.

Then I tryed to restore the database form a previously backed up file in admin area with the restore feature.


But somehow it wont work and my site is totally collapsed (both catalog &admin part) with this last message:


1170 - BLOB column 'post' used in key specification without a key length


create table ibf_posts ( pid int(10) not null auto_increment, append_edit tinyint(1) default '0' , edit_time int(10) , author_id mediumint(8) default '0' not null , author_name varchar(32) , use_sig tinyint(1) default '0' not null , use_emo tinyint(1) default '0' not null , ip_address varchar(16) not null , post_date int(10) , icon_id smallint(3) , post text , queued tinyint(1) , topic_id int(10) default '0' not null , forum_id smallint(5) default '0' not null , attach_id varchar(64) , attach_hits int(10) , attach_type varchar(128) , attach_file varchar(255) , post_title varchar(255) , new_topic tinyint(1) default '0' , edit_name varchar(255) , PRIMARY KEY (pid), KEY topic_id (topic_id, author_id), KEY author_id (author_id), KEY forum_id (forum_id, post_date), KEY post (post) )




Im not an expert programmer. How can I restore my database with phpmyadmin?

The backup.sql file is on the server already in the backup folder of course.

I need a phpmyadmin command which can restore my database from this backup file.


Thx, Andrew! :o

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right in the phpadmin, click structure select all tables then drop, once tables have been dropped site is clean, then click sql tab and in query select the oscommerce.sql original file in the install folder of oscommerce it will take a few seconds to redo the tables but that will reset the shop to original oscommerce setup,

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Thx for the answer!


I like to do this with the backup.sql because I have additional contribution and therefore tables which could not restore with the original oscommerce.sql file?


Can I do this?

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I tried to upload the backup file via phpmyadmin and its working with a filesize of 600K (backup from may) but with a 1200K (backup from june) wont work.


Is there a way to split the 1200K sql file to 2-3 part and upload it one by one?

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