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The e-commerce.

1st time using osCommerce!!


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hi guys,


just installed osCommerce, thought this would be the best program for my ecommerce site.


However, i need to create a nice layout/template for my site. Here's the problem, i don't know how to go about doing it. :P Maybe someone can give me a rundown on how to design my site with osCommerce.


Was looking throught the Live Site and some pretty cool sites.




How do the guys from that site do such a site? Using photoshop?? btw, i dont want my site to look like a osCommerce template if possible.. hehe.. i know this sound kind of demanding, but it would be great if someone here help me through this.


Thanks alot!!! :P :D :ph34r:




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Then it will require lots of installations.......not just install the oscommerce itself.....can start from os knowledge base, then get to install some contris... ;) :)

OS-commerce is great, but with other magical contributions, that is just so "COOL"!

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Here some information to start with:


You can change the color scheme of your shop by editing your stylesheet.css. Make a backup of your file and try it out.


You can change the buttons and infobox headings by replacing some files in your /images directory. Have a look at them, you?ll see which ones to change.


And finally, go here and download this contribution, it?s absolutely great to change the visuals of your shop.


If there are any further questions, try posting them here...


Good Luck,


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For general information and advice about osCommerce look here.


For more about the Simple Template System look here and read the included readme.


Another great place to find information is this forum. If there?s any problem, try searching all the forums, usually someone else got the same problem before.




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