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Multiple sites??


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OK, Here's the situation. I have about 10 catalogs that all have the same products and catagories but are in different "stores". Right now, I set them all up as independent stores, all with independent catalog databases. Is there a way to setup multiple "store-fronts" that all have independent web addresses, names, colors, looks..., but use a common product catalog, so when I add a product, it shows in all my stores, and when I put something on sale, it is on sale in all my stores etc. With the setup I have now, it is quite cumbersome to add an item 10 times, put an item on sale 10 times, or delete an item 10 times. I appreciate any help. Thanks

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Does anyone know if I would run into problems if I kept the stores all with their independent databases and just exported the products, product categories, descriptions, prices, etc... and mported them into the other stores? And if it would work, which tables would I need to export?

Why tip toe through life...to arrive at death safely?

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you have a few options



1> Run the Muti-Stores Contribution. it allows for Mutistors on the same databse, I have not used to so I dont know HOW it does it however...


2> Modify the Admin to Connect to all the Databases (pretty complex to do)


3> Do as you just suggested and Preform Manual SQL inserts, the only problem with that is, you would have to empty the tables and then rewrite all the data...


4> you could write a small script that you can use a CRON job, or manually execute it, that "sync" the databases


it would have to Query you "master" database. pull out all the data from that rows that exsist in your other databases, then "update" them, then Pull out any New Rows, and "insert" them


the only problem i see there is Deletion, but you could create a new Table in the Master Databse that when a Record was Deleted It would Record the ID, and which table


so than the Script could pull that data and Delete the Rows...


3 and 4 are still pretty intensive both in bandwidth and server load depending on how much updating is to be done..


but #4 is more Automated to it is less work for you. as you can set a Cron Job to Run say a midnight every day or what ever so you databases will be updated all by themselfs


#1 is the least intesive of all,

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