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Fixed the Text problem sort of But


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I need help with Securing my Administration area.


Ok, I went to my server and under directories I add the following one




I then added my user name and password I want. But its not securing my admin.


Here is what my servers help section says.



Protected Directory Management Help Page

This page allows the creation and management of password protected directories for the current physical hosting domain.


In order to create a password protected directory, click on the ADD button. This will take you to the Protected Directory Properties Page where you can create a new protected directory, define the properties associated with the new protected directory and add users which will have access to this directory. Note that the names of directories are case sensitive.


To edit the protected directory click on the directory name. This will take you to the Protected Directory Properties Page where you can review and/or edit the properties for the given protected directory as well as manage users for this directory.


To delete one or more protected directories from the list, check the corresponding checkboxes and click on the REMOVE SELECTED button. Note that this only removes the protection status from the directory, and the directory itself is not physically removed. This action makes the directory and its contents accessible without the need for a login and password.


You have an option of searching through the list for a certain pattern. It may help you in case you have a great number of items in the list and you need to work with a particular one. To search through the list, type the pattern string into the text input field and click SEARCH. If there were any items found matching the entered pattern string, they will all be displayed in the form of a reduced list. The button SHOW ALL will revert to displaying the whole list.


The list of protected directories can be sorted by the protected directory type (SSL or Non-SSL) and by the name of the directory simply by clicking on the name of the sorting parameter at the top line of the list. An arrow will appear showing the order (ascending or descending) of sorting.


For visual assistance in the protected directory list there is an icon identifying each directory. The icon is used to indicate whether the protected directory is created in the SSL or Non-SSL part of the domain. An unlocked icon indicates that the given protected directory resides in a Non-SSL HTML document root. A locked icon indicates that the given protected directory resides in the SSL HTML document root. If the domain does not have SSL support enabled, you will not be able to create protected directories with SSL.


Select the UP LEVEL button to go back to the Domain Administration Page.




So can anyone help me with this?



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this is in your host control panel, you need to open a ticket with them on how you are to set permissions for your admin via 'htaccess', if you tell them that in your support email or telephone call they will know what you need to do and can explain it to you.

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