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The e-commerce.

osC and custom site


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A client is interested in using osCommerce. I am trying to determine if osCommerce is the right solution for him. He is very concerned with losing control of the look and feel of the site by using the catalog features of osCommerce (he wants total control of the look).


My question is, is it possible to use just the shopping cart/shipping/customer log-in aspects of osCommerce, but NOT use the catalog or any of the dynamic page building features? All pages would be hand-designed (not dynamic) except for the checkout and actual shopping cart(of course). Links to "add to cart" button or "checkout" button would be manually added (and therefore the session id would have to be passed by a cookie, I would imagine) to manually created product pages with an html editor. If so, is doing this easily maintainable or does it require making changes to osCommerce internals that would have to be redone with every release?


I have searched the forum fairly extensively but have not found an answer to this that satisfies me. Generally, people answer that it's easier to just use the catalog/dynamic page building features of osCommerce. I understand that that may be true, but that is NOT an option for this client. The site is an educational site, and selling the products is just one aspect of it.

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