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The e-commerce.

New NGR Site....


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Hi there guys...


About to open a new verson of my store!! What you think?? I also need people to test my payment options and signup-PLEASE do so... and place your order via CASH ON DELIVERY!!! This is the new store : New STORE


Sales have been extremely slow on my old site :OLD WEBSITE - that is why I have re-done the site and now accept credit cards.


Now which would you think is better??


Thanks in advance for any comments!


Nicksta :ph34r:

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i have cable and the site takes pretty long to load :huh:

the cable i have is cox and ikno its fast (reaches up to T1 speed)

dunno maybe u hav to make the pics smaller

i think the new 1 is better but the look is still kinda boring


right on the first page

right under "Home" in the header u kno?

u have this symbol: ;

dunno wuts it for

Checkout my osc contrib here!

You can also checkout the site im working on by clicking the card button!

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Yeah I have RoadRunner Cable (Around 1.5 Mbps)and I noticed a lag when I 1st hit the page so I did a speed Check


Download Times*

Connection Rate Download Time

14.4K            82.03 seconds

28.8K            41.12 seconds

33.6K            35.27 seconds

56K                21.24 seconds

ISDN 128K    6.64 seconds

T1 1.44Mbps  0.76 seconds

*Note that these download times are based on the full connection rate for ISDN and T1 connections. Modem connections (56Kbps or less) are corrected by a packet loss factor of 0.7. All download times include delays due to round-trip latency with an average of 0.2 seconds per object. With 34 total objects for this page, that computes to a total lag time due to latency of 6.8 seconds. Note also that this download time calculation does not take into account delays due to XHTML parsing and rendering.

You have alot of pics on that page--- for the majority of Dail ups get 28.8k = 40 seconds
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In Reply,


Works pretty good, but why do u have to make an idenification # when you create an account?


We need the Identification number is South Africa to check up on Credit Card transactions. Its a security measure for us!


right under "Home" in the header u kno?

u have this symbol: ;

dunno wuts it for


Not sure about this? Under home? I dont see anything...u using Mozilla? If so please tell me exactly where it is - i obviously need to take it out!!


As for the speeds, i see what you mean...going to spend the day optimizing. Being in South Africa and most of my costomers only having Dialup or IDSN, it would play a large role in attracting customers to my site. People always used to comment on how fast my old site was - gonna make it the same.


Any other comments or suggestions?? Would you personally but from my site and why or why not??


Thanks guys :ph34r:

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:D Hi again guys,


Right, made the site load a bit faster - what you guys thinking??


Does it take a while to load your side? Could someone also test the "Livehelp" feature for me please!!


Thanks again,


Nick :ph34r:

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Let me explain more detail. It is a possible real home page when pressing "home" on header. Just try it. The blank place is still exist.




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:o Hi Ccy, thanks for your response...


Two things guys, if you click "home" on the header, yes it does take you to my original homepage. Also, if you click on any of the buttons in the manufacturers box it will also take you to my original page - the way the shop is configured.


Um, about that 1/3 screen thing, yes it is a banner - anybody else having this prob and if so, any idea's how to fix it??


The live chat works, that to all of you who helped me test it!!!


Also, only one person tested the checkout procedure, and didnt leave any comments?? Anybody else willing to test it for me? Put it in under COD as the shop is not live yet!!


Any other idea's?? Ive been in this game for a while now so please dont be shy to voice your opinion!


Thanks again... Nick

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Change your best sellers box so that -


01. Gigabyte? 11Mbps 802.11b Access Point, Support SNMP Management 
02. Logitech? Cordless MX700 Optical Scroll Wheel mouse USB+PS/2, 8- 
03. AOpen? nVidia GeForce 4 MX4000 AGP-8x 64MB DDR with TV-out - Dir


Is the same colour as the outside, this is a must!


Maybe bold the infobox headers?


I feel this is unnecesasary - Your IP Address is: 202.180.83.


The load is sooooo slow, try this mod - http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?sho...20entry395534


(note my results on last page)


Duncan Jones

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B) Hey guys...


Thanks for all the suggestions. So far, changed the headers to "bold" as well as the background for Bestsellers, Manufacturers, Reviews and shopping basket.


As for the loading times, I load much faster than any of my competetors... but i agree, busy making it faster. Thanks for the link to GZip, but how does this differ to the one that you can enable in Admin??


Anyways, please test EVERYTHING guys, reviews, payment(Setcom and EFT - preferably setcom) - you can create your own account or use the following login.


login details :


[email protected]



Test credit card number is 411111111111111, and whatever other details you wish to add(can make up a name)


Thanks guys in advance for the replies, Im hoping to go live on tuesday!!


Yay, cheers.... Nick

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Very nice done.


I like the shadows boxes you done on right and left colums. It gives a professional look and the colors i bright and the text easy to read.


I get a bit irritated of the logo changes on top header. Only my opinion.

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Hi guys...


Yeah it is a contrib...um, let me go get the name quick...


Its the INFOBOX SKIN MANAGER contrib. U can choose a number of skins and change them as you wish...would highly recommend it, it makes things so much easier though it did take a while to install.


About the rotating banner, noted your opinion. What do the rest of you think??


Other than that going live any minute now - any other last opinions??





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At the bottom the "Powered by osCommerce" and "all products" are the same link. What MOD are you using for the "all products"? I like it better than the original but how come no "my account" or "check out" on the top bar? You also added all your company information which is great. Give it time all good things come to those who wait; Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Future Shop wasn't built in a day.

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Hi Destra,


Thanks for the comments. As for the all products mod, its called the All Products Contribution - lol - if you need it pm me your e-mail addy and i'll forward it to you!!


As for the account, checkout etc you need to login first to see that, then the buttons come up (next to newsletter, build pc etc)...


Other than that anyone else have any comments? I have made the site live, so you can now find it at http://www.ngrcomputers.co.za


Please guys some last comments. If you would like to see the order process(ive changed it somewhat), please let me know in the comments box, and the test cc number is 41111111111111111111....


Thanks again and ALL comments will be appreciated.


Nick :ph34r:

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First link not working - new store


second link nice except you display IP address's - Just a pet hate of mine even if I know you can do i,t I dislike seeing it displayed in my face ...

Apart from that it looked ok to me...



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Hey there guys...


First of all : Destra - that e-mail addy valid?? Cos im mailin it but it keeps mailin back! :blink:


Ive installed the live help and it all seems to be working etc. Just one problem, and im not sure if its the caching or some or other error in the code. PLEASE could you test my live help page?!?!


My Webpage


Maybe leave some sort of message. And then go to another page on my site - does live help picture still appear? Cos whats happening with me is that the first page the live help online/offine graphic appears and then when i go to another page the live help heading is there but not the graphic?!?!? Yet i press F5 and it comes back again...strange...


Please guys test it, and is it all working properly - i turned that ticket system off cos i think its annoying to create a name and password if you just want to ask a simple question. But otherwise does anyone see any prob?


Thanks so much in advance...


Nick :ph34r:

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