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Adding a new front/splash page...


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I have to add a splash type front page, ie something more grahical and punchy than the standard osc index page.


I'm actually against the idea but its what the rest of the business wants....


I'm wondering how best to implement, bearing in mind SEO etc.


I can obvioulsy create a new index.html page and have an "enter here" type link that takes you to the shop.


How can I rename index.php? Does doing so cause any problem?


Anyone got any ideas on how best to do this? Or anyone done it before?


All help/comments appreciated!



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If you rename index.php. there are some other files that would also have to be updated in order for them to function correctly.

If your catalog is not in your root directory, i.e yourdomain.com/catalog/index.php, as opposed to yourdomain.com/index.php, then the fix is simple: create your SE optimized splash page, and place it in the root, with a link pointing to your catalog index, much as you have outlined in your question.

If your catalog IS in your root, then it is a little more work.

Again, create your splash page and call it index.php, or index.html if it is purely an html page; rename index.php to something else and link to it from your splash page. Renaming it will not do any harm, as long as you update all other pages that point to index.php to now point to your newly named page.

Obviously, the first method is the easiest.

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ahh good thinking! i always forget to consider the most simple solutions!!


will put the 'splash' page at www.mydomain.com and the shop in www.mydomain.com/shop


nothing concerned with doing that will affect SEO will it?





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