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Hi I am stuck at the final screen when someone orders from our site - it process the payment ok through WorldPay but instead of returning to our site it stays on WorldPay with info that says:


Thank you, your payment was successful

Merchant's Reference: osCsid=xxxxxxxxxx9140365ad1928ea

WorldPay Transaction ID: xxxxxxxx


Please contact WorldPay immediately if there has been a problem making your payment.


(x's are me)


I go to Admin on OSCommerce to check for orders but nothing thre at all.


Can anyone help?





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A bit of progress - in so much as I changed my callback in Worldpay's configure page to not be the default but put the absolute reference to my site's wpcallback.php - example: http://www.ourshop.co.uk/wpcallback.php


it works and send me back to our thank you for placing order page - so far so good. BUT when I look at OSCommerce for orders - I see none - what I do see is 6 pending orders - but if I clic on that page it is blank .. can anyone please help?

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Solved problem of not seeing any order details in Admin section of OS


it was the order.php file that must have had a bug in it - I found this article



and downloaded the fresh order.php - backed up old one and replaced with new one - went back to admin panel and orders and low and behold... ALL my orders are there - so I am happy.


Shame it took hours to resolve though :-(


Still :-)

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I've also been having the problems described here and in several similar posts. I tried all the solutions so far published but still had the problem.


After many hours of trying at this, I found that checkout_process.php, which is called from wpcallback.php, was trying to connect to authorizenet and locking up the system.


We commented out all the lines refering to authorizenet and the system now works as intended.

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Sorry bit dim but where in the checkout_process.php did you comment out i.e rough line number


Its just I am going to use worldpay but I must admit reading all the problems with this cart software I might just get something else - but I want to keep trying as alot of work has been done


Thank you for your time

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I'm having a similar problem, I tried changing the WP callback URL to point directly tp wpcallback.php as suggested earlier but no luck, it still stays on the WP site and doesn't complete the checkout process. Any help or links to other threads appreciated.





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