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Authorize.net - Cant see full CC #


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I'm setting up a site to use Authorize.net


1) Is the Authorize.net setup with MS2.2 valid, basically do I have to get a module for it b/c its buggy or??


2) The CC# seems to be encrypted on Authorize.net servers, is there a way to see it for purposes of refunding clients?


Any help is extremely appreciated.



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doest authorize.net have a refund option built in? I thought it did, where you select the transaction you need to refund and then hit something like "refund"



as far as Storing the CC number inside OSC, that is possible, but not recommend for security reason


there was someone I thought working on an encryption process so that the CC Number could be stored internally and securly but I dont know if they still are or if it is done

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There is only a VOID option, and thats if the order hasnt been process yet.


The situation is that after the order has been proceesed we'd like to refund it (if required after certain amount of days) but with the new rules on Authorize.net it only shows last 4 digits of credit card.


To refund you require full CC #, so not sure what to do in this situation?


Assistant is appreciated.

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You can only void a transaction if it has not settled yet. If the transaction has settled, you can only do a credit. You DO NOT need to full cc # to issue a credit. I would suggest reading the manual on the authorize.net site. It will give you 2-3 examples of what information is required. this is not an oscommerce issue, your just not doing it properly within authorize.net


typically to issue a credit, you need the transaction ID (which you can find by doing a search within the authorize.net site), the last 4 digits of the card (also available on the authorize.net site) and the amount to be refunded.




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yea, while it is possible to store CC locally, with out any Kind of Encyrption it is very very dangerous, and could possibly put you in breach of your Merchant Contract ((parts dealing with Safegaurding Card Info)


right now, OSc has none, or little encryption

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