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Adding text inside the Category Box! How?


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Well, i dont really want to make a new box. I would like to use one box and modify it. If you take a look at my site, http://www.nissangear.com you will see all the "nissan" models. I would like to put "nissan" in bold above the models so things can be organized. I am aware that i can just make one nissan link and then when you click on it all the models show but i am not interested in that. So hopefully somebody could help me out w/ this. thanks!

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Why not just rename 'Models' to 'Nissan Models' in that case? ;)


Anyway, you can add it in /catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php


There are a few ways to do it.


'text'=> is the output line.


btw, wtf were you 10 years ago when I had my 240SX? ;)

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Thanks all for the replies! The reason why i didnt want to rename models is b/c i have the intentions of adding other manufactures(ex: mitsubishi, honda).

ah ok.


Another way to do it would have been to put all Nissan models with a Nissan category and then have the tree display the parent and 1st level instead of just the parent. This would also make it so that in the future, it would look like:












just a thought anyway. ;)

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Ok, well, i just found out exactly what i want to do w/ the site. Here an example.










So i want this to be in the categories box but i just cant find where to add in "------"

in the categories box. please help me out!

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