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Using Template / Themes Together?

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I'm an osCommerce newbie and I just got the Simple Template System working (STS). I can rearrange where blocks and information is, but I also want to control the look with a new theme. Does anyone the best advice on how to accomplish this?


Is it as simple as using the Simple Template System and then modding osCommerce with "New theme contribution update(0.1)"?


Also, while I have your attention, what are the best template and theme managers contributions to use? How does Simple Template System compare to something like Basic Template Structure v0.9? And what is the best theme manager?


Thanks for all your help in advance!

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Just to narrow down an answer to my problem, here is where I'm at and what I'm trying to do:


1. Installed osCommerce

2. Installed simple template system (sts)

3. Started messing around with creating my own tags and am running into errors...


Here is what I want to do:


I'm got a dreamweaver built cms and I want to display the primary categories from that cms at the top of my oscommerce site for easy access. It's as simple at calling up some records from a table in the database and spitting them out in the template through a custom tag.


I'm able to connect to the database, but when I call up any kind of recordset using "mysql_select_db()" I run into problems.


Anyone know how to do this without conflicting with osCommerce? Thanks.

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