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comment item in order


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I'd like to allow my customers to enter text about the iterm (FROM: ; TO: ; MESSAGE: ) when adding an item to their cart. It would be cleaner if I could have seperate lines for each, but that's not neccessary. A simple text box would do fine. Is there a contribution that allows this?


I currently have them enter the information during checkout (in the standard comments box on the delivery page), but its not even on the page that shows the products so its difficult for the customers to remember to include all the information if they ordered more than one item. Also the information collected may be different for each item, so allowing them to enter text when adding to their cart seems like the best choice.


Is there already a contribution that does this specifically or one designed for another purpose that may also perform this duty as well?


Thanks for the help.

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you could use something like http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...rch,option+type


it would add radio buttons, checkboxes and text type fields to the product information.

create an text field and call it comments and add it as a option to any product you would like your customer to be able to add the txt.



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Has evferyone except me figured out how to install this contrib? or at least the option tye feature contirb? All i ever get are drop down select boxes, no matter what i select in product attributes, be it text box,radio button, etc.


Any help would be much appreciated, I have tried installation of option type feature approx. 15 times and im about to go nuts...


about to give up,


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there is a part that goes in to the configure.php file without that i dont think it will work. apart from that it works for me, i have also got it working wit option type images.


maybe you could explain more about your problem? like error messages or so.

or even maybe a link where i (we) can have a look !?



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