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The e-commerce.

How is it possible?


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This is my situation.

i have one store on my server for retail.

i have another store(wholesale) for subscribers.


i DONT want (when I am finished with the retail store) to manually add all of those SAME products to my wholesale store...


i want to "Backup" my regular store.. then somehow use that same data in the wholesale store(with a different db name on the same server).

Is this possible?(please say yes)


also, is there some sort of a mod that will allow me to reduce a list of prices (like per category) at once? If not, i really dont mind editing each product at once manually. as long as i dont have to re-do all of the descriptions and uploading pictures.


Thanks for any ideas.

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Why couldn't you use Easy Populate? Download all existing products into Excel, modify pricing in Excel and then you could re-upload to any database. Download from retail, modify, upload to wholesale site. :)


Best regards - John

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You can download openoffice , it has a tables program which takes excel files and work in a similar way... you can find it here ... http://www.openoffice.org/

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