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disabling error messages

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ive just installed recently, and have been doing a little bit of test driving

on certain places i get error messages regarding inability to send email

such as after creating a new customer or placing an order

stuff about not being able to connect to smtp ...


of course fixing this would be nice....and any info on how to set this up is appreciated

however i dont consider this to be a major error at this time since it doesnt effect functionality

so on a related note, how do i disable All error and warning messages? they often have a tendancy to mess up the header info whenever php sends an error message first.....

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check your email options in configuration --> email options


in your admin area


but to awnser your question


put a @ in front of the php code that is producing the error to surpess it


but I STRONGLY advise against it, errors are there for a reason and SHOULD NOT be ignored

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