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How do I turn off a shipping opt if ? is >28


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Sorry not a lot of room in the topic title to describe my problem and Im sure it is remarkably easy to fix


Basically I have installed the Royal Mail Special Delivery add in and the Royal Mail Recorded Delivery add in.


All our items will go via one or the other.


However if the item is valued at more than ?28 then I dont want it going via Recorded delivery. Therefore I would want that disabled above that value


Now this is probably remarkably easy to do but if anyone has a quick answer I would really appreciate it.






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you're looking at the problem from the wrong perspective in my opinion. Basically, all you need to do is inform people that the insurance on the shipping is only up to ?28 with Recorded Delivery and to be safe they should choose the special delivey option. The problem I found with both of those mods is that neither of them split the packages by weight hence meaning that your shipping prices have to go to infinate values... I got fed up and decided to write my own, atleast that way I knew how it worked :)


Unfortunately, I have no time for writing PHP right now or I'd add the contribution myself :(


I don't think there's a way (I'm probably wrong) to remove certain shipping options based on value in the cart without changing a lot of files and without a lot of work. It would be far easier to just add a javascript alert to the page that basically informs the customer of the facts when the cart contents are over ?28 and they choose recorded delivery.



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Thanks for that but it seems mad.


Surely (and I haven't looked yet) there must be an area where you could add something like


if order.value>=28 then shipping.module.uksd=-1


My programming ability is basic to say the least but this should be feasible somehow.


Cheers anyhow



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I believe you should be able to disable the UKRD option simply by setting an error flag in the returned "quotes" array.


To do this, open the php file for the UKRD class, locate the "quote" function, find the line at the end of this function that reads:

return $this->quotes;


And immediately above it, add something like:


if($order->info['total'] > 28) $this->quotes['error'] = "Not available on this order";


It will still be shown on the checkout_shipping page, but it won't have a value and consequently, won't be selectable either.


Hope that helps!

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Ive got a similar problem but it concerns the total value and weight of the parcel.


If COD payment option is used.


If the weight of the order is less than 2000 but

the total value more than 5000 then it needs to

reset the total weight to 2001.


Any ideas on how to do this?



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