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image resizing and stretching


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Hi folks, captain newibe here :)


I have searched on image and picture resizing and not really found an answer to my question.


Originally when i put images in the catalog they were being stretched all over the place to the sizes stated on the picture admin page.

I then came across one post which said we should only use height or width not both and to edit the php.


This we did and the pics we had uploaded at the time now look fine, however certain images are still having problems and i'm struggling to locate there whereabouts and establish what to edit.


we are having problems with the following images still being stetched etc -

pictures in the 'whats new column'

ipctures in the 'new products for' area

pictures when i drill down through manufacturer, then product category to view the pics in that category, i get my products displayed, and the picture are all stetched still.


any help most appreciated, sure this won't be my only post either lol.

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Firstly, assume I know nothing and you will be about right ...


I had this problem with my site and found that if you delete the entries in image widths so they are blank then oscomm sizes them entirely by height.

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