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Manu Tabs not working - Any suggestions?


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Hi im working on a simple site www.soldat.com.au.


We are almost finished bet u need to implamanet a menu system for accessing products/catagories.


I have tried a few contributions but none work.


I am using latest osCommerce version and have the STS installed (Latest version).


Any suggestions on what would suit the store? Or a link to a contrib that will work well with STS?


We want to have a menu system going across the top of the page just under the breadcrumbs header (where my account, cart content and checkout is located).



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Yes exaclty. I would like it so the main catagories are across the top where i said and when clicked on or rolled over drop down the sub catagories if they exist

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I don't think there are any contributions that exist for the vertical bar itself as it is simply just customizing the look, not the function.


There are contributions that create the cascading menu effect you want. Search the contribs for 'coolMenu.' There are a few of them, so be sure to find the one(s) that allow for a vertical dropdown if you don't want to have to that part yourself.

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Here's some quick code to display all categories. You'll have to take it from there ...


In header.php ...


Put this inside the PHP tags up top ...


    $catbar_string = '';
   $catbar_query = tep_db_query("select categories_name from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . "");
   while ($catbar = tep_db_fetch_array($catbar_query))  {
      $catbar_string .= $catbar['categories_name'] . ' | '; }


This is your echo:



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