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E-check, EFT, or ACH


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It would be nice to have a payment module where the customer can input their 9 digit rounting number, variable string account number, check number if applicable, and account type such as checking or saving. You could then take this information and do an e-check also know as eft or ach manually with the merchant of your choice. Checks and Saving account transfers are almost always cheaper than CC and allow your customers another payment option.

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I have been looking at what it would take to write a module for the Authorize.net eCheck service, but its not a real high priority for me.


I don't know of any other eCheck modules or contributiions, anybody else know of one?

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E-Checks are easier than most people think. The only significant legal requirements have to do with the type of paper the check is printed on, and some kind of verification that the user authorizes the transaction.


The way these e-checks work is simple as well. Customers load up their shopping cart. On checkout they select the e-check option. From there they are presented with a screen that looks like a check. Next, they enter the pertinent info into the fields. The next step is the authorization for the e-check. Once everything is completed the merchant simply prints the check and deposits it in their bank the same as they would do with any other check.


There are huge benefits to e-checks. No more "The check's in the mail", or waiting for a customer to mail in the check before shipping. Best of all, there is no charge whatsoever from your bank.


Properly formatted checks written on approved paper must, by law, be accepted for deposit by any bank in the United States. There are no rules for outside the US that I am aware of, so international e-checks are not possible using this method.


I would LOVE to see this option in OSC.



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