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Editing shipping, privacy details


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Hi where do you edit the details for


Shipping & Returns

Privacy notice

conditions of use


i know the page is shipping.php, but where on there do i add the details...


thanks in advance...



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  • 2 weeks later...
entered my info like I was supposed to, but when I click on the "Shipping and Returns" link, I get a lovely blank white screen.


Any suggestions?


GI Jane

What else is there besides the lovely white screen... Any error messages? I noticed that if I add in an extra ' char for example, there's an error message at the top of the screen. But the entire screen isn't completely white.

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nope no error, just a lovely white screen, an error would definately be more frustrateingly helpful...

Did the white screen happen just after you added your text in the define() statement? If so, what happens if you remove it? Maybe there's a syntax error in it.


Since I'm a newbie php/html guy, before I make changes to most things I "rem" out the original line and make a copy of it in case I have to revert back to the original. :)

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Thanks Chris,


In my more recently discovered stupidity I have gained knowledge about the save the original in case i screw up thing.


Very good advice Grasshopper! You have much wisdom!


what does "rem" mean?


GI Jane

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rapid eye movement


I believe that comment out was what was meant by using // or /* and */ if in php or <!-- and --> if in html

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