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UK format DOB for New customer Registration


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I have modified english.php to dd/mm/yyyy to set UK format


However, When new cusomer register it is not woking for me at all and I dont belevie it is working for anybody.


I have a new suggestion to replace dob field with seperate list box for date month and Year, so that customer can select from drop down box easily then ddmmyyy can be placed in anyorder to fit any country local settings.


I dont know how to do this, anyboday beleive if you can pls help me, I am desperate to have it.


thank you



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I take it what you want to do is change the input field for 3 drop down boxes? one for day,month and year.....yes?


This could be done by editing includes>modules>account_details.php to change the input field to 3 drop down boxes, each tagged with a label like dob_day and so on.....

Then you can edit the create_account_process.php in the catalog folder and adjust the $dob = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['dob']); line to 3 lines, each one grabbing each part of the date, then just join the 3 $'s together in the correct order (as they are now for the DB to accept them) and call the joined $ $dob so the remaining code works as is, and all you do is change the way it presents it to the user.....


You would also have to modify the account edit part of the account pages so that doesnt have issues when the user edits an account.


Hope some of that is helpfull :huh:

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