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Hello, Ikobo merchant account is the best. 2.99% and .29 cents per transaction, no contracts, no setup fee, no nothing, 150 contries and all secured. Well the problem as you all know is that they dont support 3rd party carts. Well, I need your help figuring out some way of getting people to pay for it even if I have to use the credit card module then doing the request money link from Ikobo. Do you all have any suggestions, maybe on the checkout process, an Ikobo link can read the total somehow and the customer can click on it and it will allow them to go to Ikobo.com to pay me? If you all have any idea's please let me know. This is my best option.

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I really like to use Ikobo as my provider but know they are new in the market and will take time to support 3rd party shopping carts if they have that in there plans.

But at the min that is not possible but I have been thinking about that and have some ideas that am not sure if they work or not but like to share with you to see if anybody can create a module and like to thank Eugene for putting something together, yes might be offline but at least were aiming for something for Ikobo.

Now I ask Eugene this is if it is possible to create a module for oscommerce that allows a user to input product id numbers for there products or services.

Reason for this is the html code that Ikobo provides for users has a product id which you have set up on Ikobo web site.

Now if when a customer adds a item to the shopping cart on oscommerce that when they are finished shopping that all the items have product id and pass this info on to Ikobo Shopping cart that I believe it be easier to checkout then.

Ok have to get on to Ikobo to support UK prices :D

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I'm only a novice to PHP and oscommerce so I don't have all the answers.


In theory, you could add the Ikobo part numbers to a field in your MySQL Data base. Rewrite Oscommerce so when you click add to cart it would transfer the user and the data to Ikobo's website to confirm.

Ikobo would return the user back to oscommerce and oscommerce would update the oscommerce cart with the same info(or not). On checkout, oscommerse would pass the user back to Ikobo for payment confirmation.


Now an easier way to do this would be to add Ikobo buy now Icons to you product discription. The problem I forsee with this is how to keep the customer from clicking oscommerce's add to cart on some items and Ikobo's buy now on some items. Maybe some customers could understand the difference, but some just couldn't grasp the concept.


I feel a better stratagy is to ask the customer at the start of the purchase if they want to use Ikobo to buy thier products. Then set a flag to send them to Ikobo as every cart item is added. That is, of course, unless Ikobo is your only payment option.


Sounds like work. But possible.

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Thanks Eugene some good ideas there to help with Ikobo, I might just try the option to offer them Ikobo and set up another a flag that offer them the option for Ikobo. Yes might take a while, reason I want to use Ikobo is am wanting to dropship my products so want the supplier to receive the money quicky and so far only Ikobo offer that option as money can be received on ATM card in secs, other just take days to transfer. And if any php expert could create tables in the database for Ikobo and a module to support this it would be a great help. :D

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Yeah iKobo's nice, BUT (and I mean BUT they have major limitations and restrictions on accounts. Need to verify a lot of things, send a lot of documents. Open a merchant account, you are limited to $500 a day and $3000 a month CC sales, and $500 a day withdrawal from your account unless you send in passport scans, company registrations, etc, etc. Their system is really nice, the iKard is soooooo useful, but their limitations are a pain in the @$$, as they also sometimes routinely block your account till you fax in a copy of your drivers' license and a utility bill.


If you don't mind all this, then it's great. If you're looking for a CC solution that will work fine from the get-go, stay away.


Not to mention the way it sets up URLs for its internal shopping cart items is not convenient at all.

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I still didn't have the pleasure to have a merchant account with them (but I think that I will resolve that pretty soon :) ) I have to say that I am pleased with ikobo's services. I know the documents stuff but I also know that hackers have very little chances of entering in such a strict system. So, because of that, I will not get mad when my account will become blocked altough it never happened to me.

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