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Does backup site feature exist?


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I was wanting to find a add-on that would allow me to backup website to a specified zip file or something before I make changes. This way if the changes I make break something then I can just restore the zip file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I quite regularly try new contributions and this would make life alot easier if I could just do this before I break something (he he)

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It is only for the database.

you could write a small script to zip the site and for the script to run from a button placed in the admin

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I really do not know php at all, but I do believe that this would be a really appreciated / needed contribution for whoever takes on the task. It could be listed along with the database backup and offer the ability to add a note to the backup, auto name the backup file (something like datetime.zip) as well as restore. Given that problems with ftp or web upload/download happen on a regular basis. I think that this long awaited. I will cross my fingers and hope that maybe someone takes on the task. Thanks again for everyones feedback.

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