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Edit infobox contents.


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Hi all,


Here is a link to my site so you know what I am talking about.




I want to change the links in the infobox to white and change there hover colour also, but I am only able to do this changing it in the main A: and A:hover in the stylesheet is there another to go about this that would make it work like I want, is there somewhere I can go to that will only change the colour of the categories infobox?


Also, the footer where the data and requests comes up I would like to know how I would go abou tputting that in a infobox.


Thankyou very much.


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Well, in each /catalog/includes/boxes/ you have code like:


<tr><td class="infoBoxContents" valign="top">


Create a new class in stylesheet.css with all the properties you want and then use that class for the infobox(es) you want to modify. Depending on what you want to change, it can be more or less complicated. ;)

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