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The e-commerce.

folder renaming


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I started a topic similar to this a couple of weekes ago but I can't find it now, so apologies for doing this twice.


I have osCommerce installed by my ISP and I am trying to customise it. First thing's first, I wanted to rename the osCommerce folder to "catalog". I then made the necessary changes in configure.php files in both the "includes" and "admin/includes" directories.


Everything seems OK except that none of the images are showing. When I check the properties to the link to an image it comes up as "x-scripts/catalog/images" however, there are no product images in that directory. There were't any product images in the "x-scripts/oscommerce/images" directory either, but all the images were showing anyway.


The only images in that directory are the osCommerce standard images, however, they are not displaying either.


Any help will be much appreciated.

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if i am not wrong...you perhaps have some settings wrong in configure.php in includes and admin.....need to check them more correctly...think about the right directory, it can be a heck of job if just type in the directory ;) :D ..if after check yourself still not working normally, perhaps post your configure.php here but without the database and sorts of other important information! Try it :rolleyes:

OS-commerce is great, but with other magical contributions, that is just so "COOL"!

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As it turns out, I was mssing a few directories and files. I should never trust my FTP program. Uploaded them again and everything seems to be working fine.

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