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easy populate catagries

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I know there is a fix or an spilt for more then 300 products in the populate

contrib but i have over 300 catagries and i think that is the reson iv gained some

new catagres on the home page well i think thats why?


if not can someone lend a hand here does easy populate let you have more then 300 catagries?

or is there a seting in the php ive over looked?

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ok now i understand. i also have tons of categories and subcategories, on one site, which total number being 476. i use easy populate pretty much exclusively on that site. my first import of products was 2000 at one shot (i control the server backend area, memory, php, etc as it is a dedicated server), so it has to be something you are doing wrong or your server is having problems with. also, since you are using php, there are some problems with that too, which need to be modified in easy populate, i will find the code and see, so at this oint in time, disable ssl and try to load again.


Search for this:


header("Pragma: no-cache");



and replace with this:


// header("Pragma: no-cache");

if ($request_type== 'NONSSL'){

header("Pragma: no-cache");

} else {

header("Pragma: ");




this is for using ssl. i believe the same must be done in backup.php

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no luck still geting new catagries in the index page this is to wierd?


now im getin a list of products expected this month thingo LOL

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i have no idea what it is you are trying to do, when you first installed easy populate, did you download a txt file first, to see the layout? and then did you make a change to one or two products (not the model #), to see what it did?

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no and thats the wierd thing all im doing at the moment is exporting to txt in the temp then importing back with no editing at all and it will not go back the same just a test before i trust hours of work to this contrib!


o sep that fact im looking at the txt file in excel 2003

Vertical Climb watch me loose grip an plumit!!

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