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Haggle/Barter Module


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Are any of you programmers able to create a Haggle Module?


*Any product can be selected through admin to be able to be haggled for


*The products have 6 prices pre-entered.


*When a customer chooses one the relevant products they enter the price they would 'prefer' to pay for the product


*The software selects the nearest programmed 'haggle' price and come back to the customer whith a suitable comment like "You have got to be joking. I have a wife and 12 children to support, but I would accept ?xxx"


*The customer can carry on haggling until there are no pre-programmed options left and the final message says "I have gone as low as I am prepared to go"


It would introduce a bit of fun into the shopping experience.


So that people dont keep trying lower and lower prices, the code could select a random low price that it would not go below. So maybe the next haggler would get a better price.


So over to you. Anyone able to program it up? im sure a lot of people would be interested in adding some fun to the shopping experience for our customers



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