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checkout_confirmation.php return blank white page


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Hi everyone,


I am really pulling my hairs for a few days now. I just installed my osCommerce store, it works perfectly unitil after I install SSL certificate into the Apache SERVER. It really puzzle me, if I use Mozilla to brows and shopping, I can go through perfectly ok. If I use IE 6 to brows it, it gives me 2 annoyning problems.


1) Everytime I go into https:// secure pages, I get this warning : This sites contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display or not the nonsecure itemes. The GOLD secure lock disappear in a few second.


2) When I finished my shopping, to the last part of process, checkout_confirmation give me a blank white screen. NO error messages, nothing !!. Strange though, if I use Mozilla, it went through ok, every time.


Can anyone enlight me, what did I do wrong ? I had tried both Linux Apache 2.0.48 server and Window Apache 2.0.58 server. Both behaved the same.


Guys, I really need your help ? Your quick responses is most appreciated.


Thank you very much !!! :D



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if you use IIS5 you should have no problem, there were many changes with IIS6 and I dont believe many (if any) have gotten osCommerce to work properly with IIS6


there is no problem with *nix, what version of PHP are you using?


redownload another copy of the software and install from there.

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Hi Mibble,


I am using PHP 4.3.3, I did reload the software a few time now. I could not get IE work. Very strange!


Do you have any idea, why I get This sites contains both secure and nonsecure items warning. I have been looking around the forum, it seems to me, quite a few people have the same problem.


Thanks for your fast reply.

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